Saturday, October 20, 2007

Kiss Kiss Bang

I haven't had bangs since the disaster that was middle school. I love them now!!! Kisses.

Oh. How could I forget. I let the girl who does my hair do my eyebrows. I usually reserve that right for a different girl at a different salon. But I was feeling gutsy. Big mistake. My eyebrows aren't my eyebrows anymore. They look like someone else's and do not look like they belong on my face!

Can anyone say permanently happy?

10/23 - okay they have grown on my. I love my eyebrows now!


  1. I love the bangs! Great look on you. I too have had some really bad experiences with eye brows and now I just do them myself.

  2. I know you don't like them, that's obvious. BUT, the shape definately lifts the heaviness from your eyelid (I know, I know, I did it!). Dare I say I kinda like 'em?

    I do like your bangs, so shoot me, I used to put scotch tape across your forehead to make 'em straight!

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  4. haha i remember mom using sotch tape across your forehead! haha

    i think i ate something bad again this weekend i just shit out a baby!

    you should put up the pics i took of you in ohio and tell everyone to go to

    yeah, that'd be cool!

  5. OK...that had to hurt!

  6. Love the bangs! I've never lived a day without bangs. It would be really strange if I let them grow out. I'm not sure what I'd do with myself.

    Sorry about the brows. I've never had mine professionally done.