Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pissed off Erika. Again.

Oh I called my Mom today crying and laughing at myself for this one. Ladies, you might understand that more than anyone.

I am taking a Mass Communications class for my Social Sciences Minor. Last week we had to complete a Media Log. For the log we had to to keep track of at the media we used an encountered for two days. We also had to do a short write up about it and what we learned. We got them back in class today. I was extremely shocked about my B-. I thought maybe I forgot to include a point or forgot to attach the log... but no nothing. Only a couple marks on my paper. It was supposed to be a short and sweet write up. It wasn't FORMAL. It wasn't a research paper for god sakes. I apparently forgot to tab over on the first paragraph, typed "a" instead of "as" and failed to start a new paragraph where she thought one should start. Yes yes, I know I'm in college and maybe shouldn't have those errors.... but it just pissed me off at the wrong time.

Anyway... at the end of class she makes us write the DUMB little "What I learned in class" papers and turn them in (seriously I feel like I'm in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL). So I responded with an elementary answer. I wrote "I learned that I wasn't the only one upset with my grade on the Media Log." (When she passed them out the group of people I sit around and myself had a little "what the fuck" discussion).

So I get home from class and get an e-mail. HAhaha. Read on. Click on the picture if you need it bigger!

Oh and for the record. I KNOW my grammar sucks... and I blame it on typos. My brain is so much faster than my fingers.


  1. That is totally shitty! But I do love your response to her email!

  2. I know how you feel! My World Religions professor deductes a point for each grammar/ spelling mistake on essay answers. English is my second language and this totally sucks for me...

    love your answer to her e mail!

  3. I love it! Good responses on your part.


  4. Your response was awesome! Wouldn't you love to see the reaction on her face as she reads that email?