Monday, October 29, 2007

This is How I Ace College Classes

Click the picture for a larger and more detailed perspective!

It's midterm time and my sheet is about full... time to start another one ;-) I have worked on this in every class. And YES I'm passing them. For some reason the doodling helps me pay attention. I take notes too. I'm just multi-talented like that!

Can you find the candy corn?


  1. we got the doodle bug from mom....

    .. remember the tv guides we used to draw on...hahah

  2. i can't sleep and i'm bored!

    ... i did make a new post tho... see I can keep up!

    .. i gotta send my costume pics to mom... they are funny!

  3. I tried to wait to see where someone could find the candy corn...cuz I can't find it!!! (them)

    My doodles used to look like fingerprints, now they look like quilting patterns, lol.

  4. Cool idea for a post! Couldn't find the candy corn though. I might dig out some of my old doodles too!

  5. I found the candy corn! It was a "Where's Waldo" exercise. Any significance to the various dates?

  6. They were the days in class I was working on them

  7. Hello Erika,

    Thank you for visiting my blog. We do share an affinity for doodling, and very similar styles. When you said that you doodled in class I knew EXACTLY what you meant. I did that all the time. And it helped me concentrate too. All my friends use to want to borrow MY notes in class because they were always full of my doodlings.

    Doodle on girl!