Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Flashback

Okay, okay, okay. I'll stop talking about my car... well, my non-existent car. I just had to put this up as my Flashback.... because it is now a part of my past :-(


  1. so how much are you going to get? and what are you going to do?

    if you get a new car i suggest getting a Hybrid... with gas at 3 bucks a gallon... it's the only kind of car I'd get... and get a diesl one too... they can easily be changed over to alternative types of fules better..

  2. The yellow car is part of who you are, and always will be.

    Now I just have to stop thinking about you every time I see a yellow car, lol...well, I guess I can still, huh?

    Just like any bug is dd#1, every jeep is dd#3, every yellow car is dd#2...YOU!