Sunday, November 11, 2007

I can't think of much to blog about so I shall ramble on.

The Accident:
Wednesday I got I a car wreck. I was headed to Meijer after work to visit the bank. I was on the "main drag" and some woman in a SUV comes speeding out of an isle. She was going straight and did not stop at all. BAM. The officer talked to us and the two witnesses and found her at fault. Now I'm driving a Dodge Caliber with enormous blind spots and I won't find out about damages to my car until Monday morning. That car was my life. I planned on having it until it broke down (of "natural" reasons). The whole ordeal is stressing me out, which is the reason I have the largest zit of my life on my cheek right now. Maybe if I pop it, everything will be alright?

Classes have been crazy easy this quarter. I'll admit that I'm a HUGE slacker, but school kind of comes naturally to me. I only do the reading for one class, Constitutional Issues and Procedures. It's hard but I think one of the best/my favorite classes of my college career. I'm learning a ton. Midterms we all last week and the week before. This week a lot of the Criminal Justice Professors are headed off to a conference, so I only have 2 classes ALL week. It's going to be great.

Happy Birthday to Tiffany last week, Grandpa the 13th, and Lisa the 18th. Lisa's gift is wrapped and ready. She knows what it is, and because I get REALLY excited about giving gifts... she's getting it tomorrow! I got her Wreck this Journal. It's a good gift for anyone who is slightly creative.

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