Sunday, November 25, 2007

Two Accidents in Two and a Half Weeks

I'm driving my brand new car east on Ronald Reagen Highway. I'm in the left lane going exactly 55, which is the speed limit but for some reason it just feels too fast. There is a cop on my ass making me feel very nervous and uneasy. I keep my eyes focused on the road, my speedometer, and the rear view mirror all at the same time.

What's that up ahead? A father and a son tossing a football? I slow as the dad who was in the middle of the highway goes to the side to let the cars pass. In my rear view I catch a glance of the officer slowing down rolling his windows down and shouting something out the window to the pair tossing the football - across the highway.

Before I know it the cop is back on my tush. We are taking a sharper than normal curve to the left. All of the sudden I see a gray minivan in the emergency only pull off lane to my left headed the wrong direction. I slow down to make sure we pass with out hitting each other. I glance up to my mirror expecting to see the officer spin around and go catch this guy, but he doesn't. Does he think I'm a DUI or something? Why won't this guy get off my ass? I decide that he is just too close for comfort so I flip on my blinker to move over to the middle lane. As I do this I catch something in the corner of my eye. Shit. All I see are the headlights of that silver Mercedes. BaM! It was too late there was nothing I could do. I'm pushed from my rear passenger side by the Mercedes, up in to the air. My left cheek bone hits the steering wheel and I have a death grip on ten and two. I'm upside down flying over the median and I calmly blurt "I'm going to die" into the eerie silence. Miraculously I land on all four in the right emergency lane of the west bound traffic facing the correct direction. I take a deep breath and realize I will never drive again.

And then I woke up.


  1. I don't know if I should laugh or reach through the computer and smack you. I was beginning to get really worried. I had to read that last sentence twice just to make sure.

    :0) I'm so glad you are ok.

  2. Gee E, aren't you glad you added the last sentence? mu-ha-ha, told you so.

  3. I got sucked in to that one.