Friday, December 28, 2007

Extensive Space-Filler

Extensive Space-Filling: Large, complex doodles that have grown almost organically across the page suggest a persistent nature, a love of design and a desire to express ideas. These doodles can sometimes indicate frustrated artistic ability, especially if ornate forms are embedded within them...

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My In-Class Doodle


  1. i have a job interview at full sail on the 4th!

    i know how to make a video like the sprint's raining really hard right now..

    ...i like your doodles... now make one so we can get you a new blog layout... you still wanna do that right?

    my breath smells... i can't help it my crowns loose and the dentist isn't in the office...boooooo

  2. Very cool doodles! My husband does sorta the same thing but instead of doodles he draws mazes.