Saturday, December 1, 2007


This is me on Christmas. I have no idea how old I am in this picture. First... I am sporting the half French braid thing I always did. Note the super long hair. Which I'm thinking I might try to grow back. Second, that is one kick ass wind suit. Third. That coat. Oh that coat. It's so bright and colorful! I sense a fake smile?

Just kidding "Santa" I'm sure I loved it back in the day. ;-)


  1. I'd guess about 7-maybe 8, and it was a Michigan Santa for sure.

  2. haha ok we all got those great coats...EVERY YEAR! and that wind suit was cool as hell! the swans liked our wind suits... i loved my acid wash jeans covered with neon puffy paint splattered all over with an awesome neon shirt to match.. oh shit i loved that orange jump suit thing i had too! so comfty!