Monday, December 10, 2007

The Thing About Rain.

Rain sucks. It's not just the gray skies or how it can ruin a whole day with its gloomy nature. It's the wet part. Sure you can wear a rain coat or whip out an umbrella and stay relatively dry. But what the hell do you do about the bottom of your pants!? Seriously it is the worst. If you're a dork and sport the "high waters" you don't have this problem... so stop reading now and go somewhere else. Goodbye.

Now I'm not saying that my pants drag all over the ground or anything. but they nicely end at the bottom of the heal of my shoe. This becomes problematic when walking in the rain. No matter how many puddles you jump over or walk around you pantlegs will get wet in the back. How wet? Well that depends on the material your sporting, the distance of your walk and amount of downpour. The damn water just starts at the bottom of your pants and creeps its way upward. Why does it suck? Well. Do you like sitting through 5 hours of classes with wet pants? It especially sucks when its cold, because then it has that nice chilling effect. But here is whats worse - and what I hate the most. When the back of your pants are wet, and you have just gotten home. You kick off your shoes as you walk inside and your socks get soaked from the pants. You get pissed take your socks off, put your stuff down do some things around the house... forget your pants are wet on the bottom.... sit down to your computer, the way you always do, one leg tucked under yourself. and suddenly your ass is wet. Gosh darn it. I fucking hate it when that happens.

And no, I will not wear boots to class. thats just dumb.

So... do you get less wet if you run when its raining? or do you get less wet walking through the rain?

To run or walk. That is the question.


  1. And if you ride your bike, you get a nice wet stripe up your backside.

    (not that I'd do it, but I'm just sayin')

    Boots don't help, I'm sure of that, I used to sneak them off as soon as I got outta the house. Shh, don't tell my mother!

  2., 3:06 PM

    I know the pain you're going through - it rains constantly in England