Sunday, December 30, 2007

Phone Songs!

I've been Stumbling A LOT over break.

Go here to see some phone songs.... Songs you can play with your phone key pad. LoL It kept me entertained for at least 15 minutes.

From Craigslist

It's me! Every girl ever.

Date: 2007-11-07, 10:38AM EST

Knock knock

Oh hi, how's it going? It's me! Every girl ever. I'm really looking forward to this date. I'm not nearly as attractive as you remember me being because when we met the bar was dark and you were drunk. Come on in.

Let's start off with the unavoidable tour of my incredibly typical post-college-girl apartment.

You'll notice that I went ahead and purchased everything that Ikea and Pier 1 have ever produced. There's my decorative birdcage over there even though I don't have a bird, and there's my gay wicker basket with bamboo poles in it. I don't know what the hell that's thing's all about, but I bought it.

Hey check it out, I have more candles in here than a Roman Catholic Church. Doesn't it smell like Hazelnut!? If I were to light all of my candles at once you could see my apartment from space! I fucking love candles!

Come on into the living room.

Oh, I see you met my cat there. That's "Freddy Paws Jr." Why don't you pet him and act like you like cats even though you hate cats? There you go. Oh, he took a little swing at your eye there huh? Yeah, he'll do that. Hey, let's check out the kitchen.

Hey look at my refrigerator. There are pictures all over it! Look at all these pictures of me and my equally vacuous friends from college! We were so crazy! You can tell we're really good friends because our faces are all pressed up against each other like that.

And check it out, we're holding up alcoholic beverages to the camera in every single picture. That's to prove that we were partying. College was so fun! But of course I don't talk to any of these girls anymore because now they're all bitches.

Let's go back into the hallway!

Hey, before we leave I'm going to go in the bathroom for ten minutes for some mysterious reason. Why don't you sit awkwardly in my big, stupid, round papizan chair over there while you wait for me. It's like you're sitting in a hug! Be right back...

Sorry that took a half an hour, I don't know what the hell I was doing in there. Let's go!

Wow! Thanks for opening my car door for me! I'm totally going to blow that meaningless gesture out of proportion and delude myself into thinking that you're a really good guy because that's what I want to believe.

Well, here we are at the restaurant. No thanks waiter, I don't need to see a menu, just bring me some expensive things. Hey I know, while we wait, I'll tell you all about my unspeakably boring job. I hate my boss. He's a jerk! I might get another job. Maybe something in pharmaceutical sales.

Now let's talk about my family. I love my family. I want you to love my family. I want my family to love you. I want you to make love to my family! I want you to go golfing with my semi-retarded brother Travis. That would be so God damned cute!

Wow! I can't believe I ordered all this food! I have no intention of eating any of it. No thanks waiter, we don't need a box. Just throw it out.

Hey, I've got an idea, let's go to a bar and have an after dinner drink! It'll be great, it will be just like how we're drinking here, only it will be louder and we'll have to stand up. Come on!

See, isn't this better? Oh hey, what a coincidence. Look over there! It's a group of my friends that I knew was going to be here. Let's go over there so that they can judge you!

Hey, I have to go to the bathroom for a half an hour again for some reason. You can stay here and talk to my unbelievably hideous friend Christine! Christine's so ugly she scares kids! Talk to her! She has a job and a family that she wants to talk to you about too. Be right back.

I'm back! Sorry I was gone for three hours, there was a line. I want to go home now.

Well here we are at my door again. This was really fun for me and not you. You should pretend like we're going to do it again sometime! Maybe I'll see you at Target a few months from now and we can avoid eye contact because you never called me. Here, have this awkward goodnight kiss that's as empty as my soul. Good night!

WWEEeeee a Wiiiiii!

My momma picked up my b-day/xmas present yesterday... they're sending it tomorrow and I'm guessing I should have it by the end of the wii-k. ;-)

I'm so excited! I'm sure it will take forever to get set up with the university internet though...

Friday, December 28, 2007

Extensive Space-Filler

Extensive Space-Filling: Large, complex doodles that have grown almost organically across the page suggest a persistent nature, a love of design and a desire to express ideas. These doodles can sometimes indicate frustrated artistic ability, especially if ornate forms are embedded within them...

Click here to see more of my doodles!

My In-Class Doodle

How Many 5yr. Olds Could You Take in a Fight?


Become an Ultrasound technician

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Movies Worth Seeing

Juno - I wanted to see it because it looked different. I didn't know I'd walk out of the theater on Christmas with a new favorite. (Who am I kidding any good movie is my favorite!) It is one that I WILL buy - if that says anything. It's like... Gilmore Girls meets the trailer[park] meets suburbia meets Knocked Up meets... a bunch of other things.

Enchanted - it is another one that will make my personal DVD collection when it hits stores. I don't know if anyone else would find this as funny as my sister and I... but if you grew up on Disney movies and pixy stix (that just sounded good) the way we did - You might just LOVE it. I'll admit, I only wanted to see it becuase of McDreamy but it ended up being pretty funny.


It's Back Bitches!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Friday Flashback

This is a very special flashback. However, I can't remember anything - probably because I was too busy kicking and screaming while my eyes adjusted to the light. If anything my mother would remember the most!

What am I flashing back to?

The day I came into this beautiful world! December 21, 1984.

Happy 23rd birthday to me!!!

My older sister had a camera in her hands since she was 3!

Mom, Me, Sara and Grandma!

Baby Erika
Me and Momma!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Writing with /\><":}{)(

 ___           _        
/ (_) o | |
\__ ,_ | | __,
/ / | | |/_) / |
\___/ |_/|_/| \_/\_/|_/ This is fun.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

We Used a Thesaurus Today. Go Us!

Is that anything like FREEZING RAIN or HAIL? lol I just thought it was odd to see "Ice Pellets"

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

This just In....

I can even make the news on vacation! And not just once... I made the 6 o'clock and Noon news.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pretty Colors

It's been raining, but the sun chased the clouds away a few minutes ago... and this is what we got!


Holy Highway!

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Thing About Rain.

Rain sucks. It's not just the gray skies or how it can ruin a whole day with its gloomy nature. It's the wet part. Sure you can wear a rain coat or whip out an umbrella and stay relatively dry. But what the hell do you do about the bottom of your pants!? Seriously it is the worst. If you're a dork and sport the "high waters" you don't have this problem... so stop reading now and go somewhere else. Goodbye.

Now I'm not saying that my pants drag all over the ground or anything. but they nicely end at the bottom of the heal of my shoe. This becomes problematic when walking in the rain. No matter how many puddles you jump over or walk around you pantlegs will get wet in the back. How wet? Well that depends on the material your sporting, the distance of your walk and amount of downpour. The damn water just starts at the bottom of your pants and creeps its way upward. Why does it suck? Well. Do you like sitting through 5 hours of classes with wet pants? It especially sucks when its cold, because then it has that nice chilling effect. But here is whats worse - and what I hate the most. When the back of your pants are wet, and you have just gotten home. You kick off your shoes as you walk inside and your socks get soaked from the pants. You get pissed take your socks off, put your stuff down do some things around the house... forget your pants are wet on the bottom.... sit down to your computer, the way you always do, one leg tucked under yourself. and suddenly your ass is wet. Gosh darn it. I fucking hate it when that happens.

And no, I will not wear boots to class. thats just dumb.

So... do you get less wet if you run when its raining? or do you get less wet walking through the rain?

To run or walk. That is the question.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from Arizona!
(I've been doing a whole lot of nothing on vacation! I love it!)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Picture has Little to do With the Post

Exams were last week and I am happy to report (brag) that I got 4 A's and 1 B on my exams... we will have to see what final grades are, but I'm guessing they won't be much different!

My LAST quarter starts in January. I can NOT wait until its over... It will be more my "style" with night classes. I love night classes. I only have to think about them ONCE a week, professors usually let you out early, and they are just easier! It might be a little rough though, two of my classes are at a UC branch school and I'll be there after a LONG day of work. I will also be doing an internship/field placement once a week... if I ever get my act together and call the lady to get it set up!

I'm staying where I am an RA for one additional quarter after graduation. It's going to be hard sticking around, but I plan on taking that time to make some money!! Maybe I'll get another babysitting job. I know I know, I should be looking for a "real" job, but I just make SUCH good money babysitting. I should be a professional nanny... For famous people. I'm sure Britney could use my help!

Checking In

I'm in Arizona for the week visiting my mother! I got here yesterday and I've already snapped a bunch of photos! click on my beautiful face to go see some more...

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Book Review 12 &13

Title: The Book of Bight Ideas
By: Sandra Kring
Pages: 320

Book Description: Wisconsin, 1961. Evelyn “Button” Peters is nine the summer Winnalee and her fiery-spirited older sister, Freeda, blow into her small town–and from the moment she sees them, Button knows this will be a summer unlike any other.

Much to her mother’s dismay, Button is fascinated by the Malone sisters, especially Winnalee, a feisty scrap of a thing who carries around a shiny silver urn containing her mother’s ashes and a tome she calls “The Book of Bright Ideas.” It is here, Winnalee tells Button, that she records everything she learns: her answers to the mysteries of life. But sometimes those mysteries conceal a truth better left buried. And when a devastating secret is suddenly revealed, dividing loyalties and uprooting lives, no one–from Winnalee and her sister to Button and her family–will ever be the same.

What I thought: Cute book Somewhat, predictable ending.

I give this book 3.2 out of 5


Title: He's Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys
By: Greg Behrendt, Liz Tuccillo
Pages: 224

Book Description: He's Just Not That Into You is provocative, hilarious, and, above all, intoxicatingly liberating. It deserves a place on every woman's night table. It knows you're a beautiful, smart, funny woman who deserves better. The next time you feel the need to start "figuring him out," consider the glorious thought that maybe He's just not that into you. And then set yourself loose to go find the one who is.

What I thought: Very funny, so true. But do I understand guys any better? Maybe, maybe not. Still. A good read... and even if you aren't in an of these situations, chances are you know someone who is!

I give this book 3.9 out of 5

Update August 2009, I liked the movie better!

Monday, December 3, 2007

2008 Approaches.

So this is the New Year, And I don't feel any different. -Death Cab For Cutie

New Years ReV()LVTI0Nz

.Stop giving a crap what people THINK.
.STate the Obvious.
.Volunteer MORE.
.STop Wasting timE.
.Be HealthieR.
.Smile MOre.
.Take more pictureS.
.get a Sense of STyle.
.ScreaM louder to the songs I lovE.
.Be bad, Be bold.
.Get off the COMPUTER.
.Read more IntellectuaL bookS.
.have moRe Confidence.

...More to come...

New Artist Alert

Toddler fools the art world into buying his tomato ketchup paintings

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Exam Week! Eek!

I would like to say that you will be seeing less of me around this week becuase it is exam week. But lets be honest here. You will most likely see more of me. I will do anything to avoid studying. Frankly I shouldn't HAVE to study. Aren't exams supposed to test you on what you ALREADY know? Well the truth is I don't know much... I spend a lot of time doodling, so i'm stuck studying... but again I'll probably be wasting much of my "study time" online.

If only it were THIS easy...

1. Bring a pillow. Fall asleep (or pretend to) until the last 15 minutes. Wake up, say “oh geez, better get cracking” and do some gibberish work. Turn it in a few minutes early.
2. Get a copy of the exam, run out screaming “Andre, Andre, I’ve got the secret documents!!”
3. If it is a math/science exam, answer in essay form. If it is long answer/essay form, answer with numbers and symbols. Be creative. Use the integral symbol.
4. Make paper airplanes out of the exam. Aim them at the instructor’s left nostril.
5. Talk the entire way through the exam. Read questions aloud, debate your answers with yourself out loud. If asked to stop, yell out, “I’m SOOO sure you can hear me thinking.” Then start talking about what a jerk the instructor is.
6. Bring cheerleaders.
7. Walk in, get the exam, sit down. About five minutes into it, loudly say to the instructor, “I don’t understand ANY of this. I’ve been to every lecture all semester long! What’s the deal? And who the hell are you? Where’s the regular guy?”
8. Bring a Game Boy (or Game Gear, etc…). Play with the volume at max level.
9. On the answer sheet (book, whatever) find a new, interesting way to refuse to answer every question. For example: I refuse to answer this question on the grounds that it conflicts with my religious beliefs. Be creative.
10. Bring pets.
11. Run into the exam room looking about frantically. Breathe a sigh of relief. Go to the instructor, say “They’ve found me, I have to leave the country” and run off.
12. Fifteen minutes into the exam, stand up, rip up all the papers into very small pieces, throw them into the air and yell out “Merry Christmas.” If you’re really daring, ask for another copy of the exam. Say you lost the first one. Repeat this process every fifteen minutes.
13. Do the exam with crayons, paint, or fluorescent markers.
14. Come into the exam wearing a pair of birkenstocks, and nothing else.
15. Come down with a BAD case of Tourette’s Syndrome during the exam. Be as vulgar as possible.
16. Do the entire exam in another language. If you don’t know one, make one up! For math/science exams, try using Roman numerals.
17. Bring things to throw at the instructor when s/he’s not looking. Blame it on the person nearest to you.
18. As soon as the instructor hands you the exam, eat it.
19. Walk into the exam with an entourage. Claim you are going to be taping your next video during the exam. Try to get the instructor to let them stay, be persuasive. Tell the instructor to expect a percentage of the profits if they are allowed to stay.
20. Every five minutes, stand up, collect all your things, move to another seat, continue with the exam.
21. Turn in the exam approximately 30 minutes into it. As you walk out, start commenting on how easy it was.
22. Do the entire exam as if it was multiple choice and true/false. If it is a multiple choice exam, spell out interesting things (DCCAB, BABE, etc..).
23. Bring a black marker. Return the exam with all questions and answers completely blacked out.
24. Get the exam. Twenty minutes into it, throw your papers down violently, scream out “Screw this!” and walk out triumphantly.
25. Arrange a protest before the exam starts (i.e. Threaten the instructor that whether or not everyone’s done, they are all leaving after one hour to go drink).
26. Show up completely drunk. (Completely drunk means at some point during the exam, you should start crying for mommy).
27. Every now and then, clap twice rapidly. If the instructor asks why, tell him/her in a very derogatory tone, “the light bulb that goes on above my head when I get an idea is hooked up to a clapper. DUH!”
28. Comment on how sexy the instructor is looking that day.
29. Come to the exam wearing a black cloak. After about 30 minutes, put on a white mask and start yelling “I’m here, the phantom of the opera” until they drag you away.
30. Go to an exam for a class you have no clue about, where you know the class is very small, and the instructor would recognize you if you belonged. Claim that you have been to every lecture. Fight for your right to take the exam.
31. Upon receiving the exam, look it over, while laughing loudly, say “you don’t really expect me to waste my time on this drivel? Days of our Lives is on!!!”
32. Bring a water pistol with you. Nuff said.
33. From the moment the exam begins, hum the theme to Jeopardy. Ignore the instructor’s requests for you to stop. When they finally get you to leave one way or another, begin whistling the theme to the Bridge on the River Kwai.
34. Start a brawl in the middle of the exam.
35. If the exam is math/science related, make up the longest proofs you could possibly think of. Get pi and imaginary numbers into most equations.
36. Come in wearing a full knight’s outfit, complete with sword and shield.
37. Bring a friend to give you a back massage the entire way through the exam. Insist this person is needed, because you have bad circulation.
38. Bring cheat sheets FROM ANOTHER CLASS (make sure this is obvious… like history notes for a calculus exam… otherwise you’re not just failing, you’re getting kicked out, too) and staple them to the exam with the comment “Please use the attached notes for references as you see fit.”
39. When you walk in, complain about the heat. Strip.
40. After you get the exam, call the instructor over, point to any question, ask for the answer. Try to work it out of him/her.
41. One word: Wrestlemania.
42. Bring balloons, blow them up, start throwing them around like they do before concerts start.
43. Try to get people in the room to do the wave.
44. Play frisbee with a friend at the other side of the room.
45. Bring some large, cumbersome, ugly idol. Put it right next to you. Pray to it often. Consider a small sacrifice.
46. Get deliveries of candy, flowers, balloons, telegrams, etc… sent to you every few minutes throughout the exam.
47. During the exam, take apart everything around you. Desks,
chairs, anything you can reach.
48. Complete the exam with everything you write being backwards at a 90 degree angle.
49. Bring a musical instrument with you, play various tunes. If you are asked to stop, say “it helps me think.” Bring a copy of the Student Handbook with you, challenging the instructor to find the section on musical instruments during finals. Don’t forget to use the phrase “Told you so”.
50. Answer the exam with the “Top Ten Reasons Why Professor xxxx Sucks”.

Saturday, December 1, 2007


This is me on Christmas. I have no idea how old I am in this picture. First... I am sporting the half French braid thing I always did. Note the super long hair. Which I'm thinking I might try to grow back. Second, that is one kick ass wind suit. Third. That coat. Oh that coat. It's so bright and colorful! I sense a fake smile?

Just kidding "Santa" I'm sure I loved it back in the day. ;-)