Sunday, January 6, 2008

Can Wii Be Friends?

To Mom, Sara and any one else my # is...

three three two one - one eight three four - six seven four six- six two eight nine

I'm not online yet. I'm waiting on University Internet Know It Alls to fix it so I can be!

... click Jack Black's picture to see how to make a Famous Mii (and MORE!). I've been having too much fun with this!


  1. Hey! We just added you. Here's our #: zero seven seven one - three six one five - four three eight one - four nine seven seven

    Looking forward to being wii friends!

    Chelle & Chel

  2. Hurry up and get hooked up!!!

    Jack is fabulous!

  3. it doesn't matter if you type out your number... you BOTH have to register each others wii to send messages to it...


    i'm adding you now... let me know when you get it hooked up and we can play soccer online!