Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Straight From My Homework

Strategic Analysis: Everything people say and do os simply strategies to make life work. In this assignment, you will analyze your communication patterns and your unique behaviors, attempting to discover the root of you personal strategies.

Five strategies used to sooth pain and why:

  • I sleep when I get stressed out. I do this in order to shut out the outside world and others which helps to reduce pain. It gives me a sense of security knowing that this is one way to shut everyone out and have a moment not to think about something. It’s become habitual because I always feel refreshed and able to conquer whatever it is when I wake up.
  • I spend too much time on the internet. I substitute my time doing this in order to avoid dreadful homework. I keep busy online to avoid what I really should be doing, but am just not interested in doing. I feel that if I’m doing something, it’s better than doing nothing.
  • With friends I often deny there is a problem. I always say “its okay,” and don’t act mad, when I’m actually upset. I do this in order to please them and avoid confrontation and lengthy explanations. I don’t like to feel the pain of a fight, so I try to avoid it all together.
  • I go for drives. I do this when I’m feeling lost, confused or frustrated. I think I do this for a sense of security, I know that no matter where I go, all always find my way back.
  • I blab my horror stories to my best friend in order to receive some kind o acknowledgement, that yeah, what I’m going through sucks. It also helps to talk through the pain of frustration and I always feel better after talking to her!

Five strategies used to satisfy needs and why:

  • I over-work myself by keeping three jobs. Ever since I could work, I have worked. Not working is seen as “lazy”. I don’t want to appear lazy to anyone, therefore I work three jobs (and have no time or energy to do anything else!) I also like to feel the need of being needed. I feel like I’d be letting people down if I quit one of my jobs.
  • I call my Mom, way too much - like for this assignment I needed help coming up with a few more than I had. I have always depended on her and respected her opinions, so when I need something – an answer to a question, instructions on how to do something – I call her without hesitation. It’s like I need to reaffirm that security of having her there, because she lives all the way in Arizona!
  • I read non-stop. I do this because other people see me reading and I think it makes them think I’m more knowledgeable. There is also the pleasure I get in reading, and how it takes me away from my own life for a little bit and creates a world of stimulation/adventure.
  • I volunteer because I need to feel needed. I also have a need to look good – I volunteer for the same company I work at (a park), and hope to have a future job with after I graduate.
  • I am a perfectionist. One- because I grew up with a pretty much OCD dad and a very crafty mother. And two – because I did great on one high school project that I was really into, and after I showed that quality of work there was no way I could do any worse – too much was expected of me. So when it comes to projects, “crafty” things or just the way I have my things, it has to be perfect. There is a need of significance, I like when other to compliment me on my perfect ways (and I act like its no big deal).

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  1. I think this assignment was a good "look" into the "inside".

    ...and you call as much as you want! Paybacks(wake-ups) are hell.