Friday, January 11, 2008

Worst Day Ever

First -I find out that apparently some of my classes I'm taking for my Social Sciences minor, may not count becuase they are also Criminal Justice classes (my major). Thats bullshit. I'm not using them for both - who cares. They ARE Social Sciences. Ugh I cant help it if thats all that I'm interested in and my adviser didn't tell me. I'm supposed to graduate THIS quarter people. Please cross your fingers for me and hope that my petitions get approved.
UPDATE 1/16/08: It's all good! Graduating ON TIME

Second- Have you heard me mention before that I HATE my boss with a passion. Well we had it out again today. Basically she jumped to conclusions becuase I responded to her e-mail with a question about the shifts she was talking about... She assumed becuase I asked a question that I was guilty. "Considering you just admitted to not fulfilling a requirement of your position, this would not be a good time to make such a request." My other boss there called me to kinda straighten things out. It kinda helped - but I'm still beyond frustrated. You just cannot please this lady. I try to stay on people's good side.. and I've been a better than good worker at EVERY job I've had - even if I've hated it. Its just so FRUSTRATING.
UPDATE 1/16/08: This is somewhat better 'cause I talked with my other boss... but I'm still excited for the day this job is ovvver!

Third - Guys are assholes. But I already knew that right?
UPDATE 1/16/08: Really who cares anymore ;-)

What did I learn from today? BEST FRIENDS ARE A GODSEND!


  1. I think we might go to the circus this weekend!

  2. i need to go to the circus!

  3. Mothers are often underrated.

  4. Hey, the technicalities of universities with minors and majors can be pretty frustrating -- its so bad for grad students that the whole idea of graduation occasions much humor in academic circles!

    Yes, sometimes supervisors can be a pain in the neck, we just have to live with it.

    Not all guys are arseholes you know! Some of them are creepy arseholes!Just kidng! Some of them are nice.

    What qualifies a friend to make him or her a best friend? I've never counted someone I know as a best friend yet so.. I ask..

    Lastly, I own 'Love actually'. Its one of those movies you just have to own!

  5. Re point 3, um, sorry! :)

  6. Well, Entschuldigen sie das is German for did you get it (understand it)? We did have snow today again and it was nice. I am still waiting for our typical january blizzards though.

    You have a good weekend too!

  7. That really sucks about your boss! Hopefully things will get better. Hang in there!

  8. Sounds like you've had a super crappy day! Hope tomorrow is better!