Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm Starting to Think I am Cursed

I'm doing an internship with a local police department. As a part of that internship I have to complete a series of ride-alongs. Well... I've done many ride-alongs, even with other departments... but this one takes the cake.

We got in an ACCIDENT! And that's about all I can tell you because I'm not aloud to give details about what exactly I do because peoples personal info is involved yadda yadda yadda...

Anyway. Lukily I wasn't driving (I am not aloud anyway).... and everyone was okay... but this is my SECOND accident in a WEEK!

I think someone slammed a "kick me" sign on my back and change kick to hit. Cross your fingers and pray that I don't EVER get an another accident!


  1. Oh no, not again! I think you need to cleanse your aura :-)

  2. That totally sucks!!! I hope you luck changes!

  3. god i fucking hate my stupid job right now.. i was the only one here all fucking lame... ughhh so fucking lame

  4. You've maxed out now...time to relax!


  5. Yikes! I took the 'kick me' sign off your back. Things will only get better.