Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Flashback

If you can, try to ignore my beautiful face. This post isn't about it! It's about the sign hanging up behind me. My mom was and IS awesome...she would wake us up in the morning in time to do what ever we needed to do. The time was never the same, and often mom would already be in bed before we had a chance to think about when we wanted to be woken up. So we hung a little reminder in a place she wouldn't miss it.

This picture was taken the summer between 8thgrade and 9th grade. I remember because my friend Mary was visiting from Texas (I think this is the last time I saw her!!).

Anyway. This sign says "Erika and Mary u at 6:45, Sara up at ?"

Sign hanging was constant, and usually in this same spot, the light in the dining room. That light is no longer there, but I will be sure to have a paper-pokeable light hanging over my table when I have kids someday! Or not... becuase I amd NOT a morning person. ;-) love ya mom!


  1. *snerk*

    It worked! Look at the junk on the table, it was a collector spot for sure. Soccer jug, various mugs, checkbook, and a 3-pack of doughnuts from Kroger, lol.

    psst - I actually blogged.

  2. haha that's so great! and it's classic that is says Sara up at ? .. haha i wasn't so good about getting up in the morning... i just kept falling the laundry room on the warm clothes or in the bathtub or back in bed.. haha