Sunday, March 16, 2008

'Working' on a 'sick' 'move' with my 'IPod'

I'm on call tonight. Pretty dang bored. I have to do "desk duty" on my on-call nights in the student housing facility I work for. My desk duty was pretty quiet... but we had a program at 11pm. We had free pizza and fruit for late night studiers. We do our programs in groups and compete for who can get the most people to come. I'd say we had a good 40-50 show up (way more than other groups). We ran out of food in literally 5 minutes. What do they expect us to do on a $100 budget?!

Anyway. I'm taking a break from life to update my blog - which in my opinion hasn't been to exciting lately. I've only had time to toss up the occasional quick picture (Flickr is my new addiction). I've been busy with the whole three job deal and an internship this past quarter. Its been hectic. Too hectic. I haven't been sleeping well, and now I'm getting sick. Blah.

On to good news. My LAST exam ever is on Wednesday night. I can flippin' wait! I hope that when it is all over I will have more time to write in here. I love the blog world. I hope it is something I continue to do. I just need more motivation! Hopefully more free time will give me that! Plus it is always good to have something to look back on.

My move date to Arizona has been moved up a whole month. I will be leaving Cincinnati early May. I'm really excited and even MORE excited to document my way there. If I have the money... Which I probably won't... I would like to take my time and sight see.... but we'll see. I hate money and how it restricts me!

There is so much more I want to write but my eyes are rolling back into my head from pure exhaustion. I can't keep my eyes open any longer. Goodnight!!

Oh... and try not to be jealous of my new IPod.This picture is part of my 365. self portrait a day for 365 days


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  2. lol nice i-pod!

    seriously drive down to florida pick me up and we will both drive to mom's... do it! it'll be fun and we can take oddles of pictures!

  3. um...I don't get the ipod thing, lol

  4. Oh, I am so jealous of your new Ipod. Sick, I tell ya....sick!