Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Recap: April Fools Day

It was April Fools Day yesterday, I usually call my mom and tell her I broke a leg or something... But with the craziness off the day I forgot! Did you trick or get tricked on? explain...


  1. Senility at 23.

    Misery loves company 8^)

    Blessedly peaceful, and joke free, lol.

  2. Best one I've heard so far from a girl that is student teaching 4th grade right now. She and her cooperating teacher made this thing on the computer that sounded like an announcement saying "FLOOD DRILL. FLOOD DRILL" They made their kids sit on the floor and pretend paddle as fast as they could. You have to just picture it in your head!

  3. i told brandy the ferret died.. haha it was funny for a second..

    i did a new blog post!!! oh oh oh!

  4. you better go check my blog out! I made a picture for you and i made a new design... so go comment away! ;)