Sunday, May 18, 2008

What do you Collect?

Click the picture to see a larger version of what I collect... or shall we say "accumulated over the years" :-) This picture only includes some of the money and trinkets I have, but hey it's all I could fit on my scanner!

My personal favorite of the bunch is the nickel with the smiley sticker on it. I got it in my change one day and just couldn't let it go... so I added it to my stash. The big gold trinket things belonged to my Great Grandpa. I have no idea what the story is behind them, if there even is one. I love though, that the swan one has a hole drilled in it, meaning it was probably made into a necklace at one point and proudly worn (last name Swan). The silver ones are a result of me trying to research them... some how I wound up on eBay ;-) they were cheap so I got them to add to my collection.

The rest of it was either found by me... (silver change wheat pennies, money from Canada, the bills).. or bought from(traded out of) my own till at past jobs. I always get excited a work when I get something different than the norm ;-). Some of the foreign money was brought by exchange students or people traveling, let me tell you... sometimes a nickel form a different place is the best souvenir, save your time and don't buy anything.

So what do you collect?

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