Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Deep Conditioner - How To

...So I was stumblin' around the web lastnight/this morning and I came across a deep conditioner you can make at home. I was super-duper bored so I went to the store and picked up some ingredients. For those of you interested in trying it out... I thought I'd go ahead and post a little guide.

What you will need
1 avocado
1 small jar of mayonnaise
a shower cap, plastic bag or saran wrap

Step 1. Wash your hair, shampoo only... throw it up in a towel and prepare to make the goop.
Step 2. Peel avocado.
Step 3. Combine avocado and mayonnaise in bowl.
Step 4. Mix. Not with hands like the original recipe says, a potato masher works much better.
Step 5. Take your chunky-baby-spit-up-like mixture to the bathroom.
Step 6. Apply goop to hair while leaning over tub.
Step 7. Work goop into hair.
Step 8. Play with hair. Its green and feels like putty.
Step 9. When no longer amused - place shower cap over head and clean up your mess for 20 minutes.
Step 10. Ding Ding DING! 20 minutes is up! Go to the shower, rinse out and shampoo and condition your hair.
Step 11. Admire your only slightly feeling different hair. But hey it was fun. Right?
Step 12. Download pictures and make stupid ass of self by posting pictures of your boredom to the web. See exhibits A and B

Exhibit A
Exhibit B

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