Thursday, June 5, 2008


My goal tonight is noooo sleep. Why? I'll tell you why. I've been staying up until about 3am lately... and waking up around noon. I really need to get myself on a better schedule (I decided this after talking to my sister - since when do I listen to her??!). I figure if I stay up tonight and dont nap tomorrow i will be ready for bed pretty early ;-)

Since I'll be awake, I shall clean my room!

Do whatever the heck my mom wants me to. She is having "Brain Surgery." And by brain surgery I mean having a disturbing chunk of skin removed from her hairline :-( I know everything will go fine and be okay, but keep my momma in your thoughts!

Go to Safeway (the local grocery store) and apply for a job. I'm getting extremely desperate. I need some cash flow. I have a babysitting job lined up, but that doesn't start "full time" until August.

Be in bed by 11pm.

Ace the Border Patrol test I have scheduled.

Clean my room again... I'm sure it will be a mess. After all I did write a post titled "How To Mess Up Your Room in 10 Easy Steps"

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