Thursday, June 12, 2008


On Friday I took a test to become a Border Patrol Agent. I went into the test not really expecting to pass. If anything I was hoping to gain some experience and get the feel for the testing process. A lot of criminal justice jobs require some sort of testing procedure. The test was very hard and very long. the test itself was about 5 hrs. It included a logic section as well as a foreign language section. You could either take the Spanish Test or an Artificial Language Test, which test to see if you can learn a language. Not knowing Spanish, I went for the ALT. The test in general was pretty hard, the language part being the worst...

I wasn't expecting to get results that same day. I took an Immigrations Officer test the week before, and I still don't know what I received. We ended up being at the testing center 9-5. The
test grading machine/computer was on the fritz. We waiiiiited and waiiiited. I kind of felt like, maybe I should just leave.... I probably failed it anyway... I'm just waisting a lot of time standing around!

Finally, results were in. "Congratulations" it read. I had passed. Not just barely (70 to pass), but with a 98!! I couldn't believe I did so well!!! Shoot, I wasn't expecting to actually pass. Many people don't pass the first time around! 55 people passed out of the 140ish that were there, 5 of us were females.

They scheduled us for Oral Board Interviews that Following Monday (which meant suit shopping Sunday). We had to be there at 8am on Monday... I was the last one to interview. I got out of there around 2pm. I passed that portion as well!

Apparently I had signed up for the compressed hiring, which means the process goes faster. It is a 4-5 month process rather than a year. Well the bad thing about that is I have a physical test in the next few weeks! eek! Since I thought I had signed up for the regular hiring, I thought Id have more time.... but here I am trying to find a way to be able to do 20 push-ups in a minute. I can't even do ONE! Well I can do ONE now, but that is it.... and I had to work myself to that point!

So I may fail the physical part, though I reallly reallly want to pass because I'm in desperate need for cash!!! If I fail it, I think I have another chance at least ;-)

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  1. if you ever want to chat about the BP let me know. When I was a Marine I worked with them for a few months. Had a blast!