Saturday, July 12, 2008


So before I quit my job as security guard at the hotel, I had a nannying job set up. I had to quit though(hadn't officially started) for my security gig. I was really bummed about having to quit babysitting, but as soon as I quit the security job I was kicking myself. Dumb dumb dumb. (have I confused you yet with all my quitting?)

Anyway, the day I quit the security job I sent an e-mail to the lady who needed a babysitter... Here is how I worded it (names have been changed)...


The job I got was not what it seemed, I will not be returning tonight! I am still interested in babysitting for you if you will have me back. I really got along and felt comfortable with you, Adam and Allison. Babysitting is just one of those things I love to do and comes naturally - I was stupid to have passed up the opportunity. I understand if you do not want to have me back considering the circumstances. I will be willing to sign an agreement that I will not leave for another job without more notice, unless it happens to be the Border Patrol or Immigrations Services officer in the next year(we can work out the details). Please let me know. I'm sorry for all the distress I may have caused.


..and yey! She wanted me back. So I have been babysitting all this week. Its been rough waking up at 4:30/5/6am. Tonight I'm spending the night. The mother is in the medical field and the father is in the law enforcement field... so the hours are crazy. I cant wait for next week! She doesn't need me because she has family in town. It will be my last break for a loooong time!

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