Thursday, July 17, 2008

Buy Your Own Nemo and More!

I've always wondered how and where all those beautiful fish in home and office aquariums came from.

I'm pretty sure that my doctor didn't dive for them himself! You don't know where they get them from either? Well I've found the answer and it is only a click away!

Reef Hot Spot is the source of these beautiful aquarium saltwater fish! It's not only fish they offer... There is also an assortment of live coral and invertebrates. Various sizes of aquariums (cubes) and other hardware for your tank are available as well!

Visit the site! Whether you are just starting or adding to your aquarium, there are many great choices. Don't have an aquarium? That's okay! Buy a gift certificate for your boss, family member or friend! It is the perfect unique and thoughtful gift. Gift certificates come in 25, 50 and 100 dollar increments. Even better, you can get your purchases the next day via FedEx Priority Overnight. Fish in a box - the next day. Truly amazing!

And guess what? Nemo (Tank Raised Ocellaris Clown) Is only $11.99 right now. You can also pick up some Nemo pals while you're there. You better go to the Saltwater Fish Store now and place your order!

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