Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Flashback - Batter Up

In HS I joined the Softball team. Prior to HS, my softball experience was one season in the 3rd grade, and it was most definitely slow pitch. My older sister was AWESOME at fast pitch softball, my best friend was going to try out, so I thought... why the hell not? So I gave it a go. Only having a JV and Varsity Team, I made the JV team and was bought up every now and then to run bases on varsity (back in the day, I was in shape!).

We had a batting cage in our back yard, I told you my sister was awesome right? Well she also always got what she wanted ;-) Freshman and Sophomore year the softball coach came over and trained me and my friend Stephanie. Since I had never really played I had no habits, and because she was willing, and we both had speed... we became left handed lead off batters. we learned all different kinds of bunts and slaps and got pretty good at it. One of use were usually lead off hitter, with the hopes of getting on base. It worked too! Lol.

Sophomore year we both played Varsity as well as Junior year.... Jr. year though we started to get fed up with the couch we once loved. I think he had a lot of health issues and basically turned into a grumpy old man. What a shame. We both didn't play Senior year.

But anyway, I dug up some stats and even a picture of me bunting!

Click on the pictures to see better!


  1. That might have been vs Mason, always a tough game!

    I loved watching my girl's games, always wished I could get all 3 of you on the field at once!

  2. I love your Friday flashbacks. I might start something like that on my blog, but I have a problem remembering farther back than yesterday.

  3. hah that's a great post! do you have any pictures of me playing softball?