Thursday, July 3, 2008

Friday Flashback - Happy 4th!

I have many memories of 4th of July in my hometown of Loveland, Ohio. I was digging through some of my mom's old photos and came across some pictures of us on the 4th many years ago. Fireworks were always over the Little Miami River, and everyone gathered at the park by the hill. We'd stake out a place early in the day with a blanket and usually had one person there taking turns, holding claim to our temporary home base. Back in the day Loveland used to have a big festival with rides, food and music. They still have the parade, but after some people in the neighborhood complained, they don't do the big festival anymore. It really is a shame. It's one of those things that made Loveland, well... Loveland.

Lawn chair and people-lined streets were always present in anticipation of the parade, and most importantly candy. I remember yelling at friends and sisters to throw me goodies as they drove by in decked out parade vehicles. You couldn't go three minutes with out seeing someone you knew the whole day, not including your own family.

When alotted ticket money for rides and games ran out it was easy to find something to occupy ourselves with while we waited on darkeness. I remember walking down the concrete path to the river tossing pop-rocks at the ground. When we'd make it to the sand it was shoes off, shell searching and rock skipping contest time. No matter how careful we were, it was impossible to avoid the sand-in-the-shoes afterwards.

They Fireworks were always great, seeing the area firework manufacturer, Rozzi's Fireworks, was located in our town. After the long day and great show, it was desirable to get home and head to bed. However, traffic always was terrible leaving considering the whole town was in attendance.

This picture is of more than just my immediate family. This particular year it was our turn for the family reunion!

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