Monday, July 14, 2008

Part II

Another video of my 365 photo project.... Basically it is a photo project that takes a year! One picture everyday for three hundred and sixty-five days! Because there are so many I've started to put them into slid shows!

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  1. How the heck did I get roped into watching that??? And how did I get stuck on your YouTube page for 30 minutes?

    I see you're having fun in my old stomping grounds. :-)

  2. Ok, so I'll admit to watching your videos more than once, lol.

    Love 'em!

  3. That was wonderful! Love all the fun pics.

  4. you are doing a WONDERFUL job of this! amazing really.

    thanks for visiting me too!

    smiles, bee

  5. That's really awesome, Erika. What do you use to do your videos? i use MS Movie Maker, but someday I want to get Sony Vegas and increase my skillz!