Friday, August 1, 2008

Figuring out GIMP.

So my sister never sent me Photoshop like she promised... so I've been working on figuring out GIMP... The first one is supposed to look like I am popping out of a picture - basically giving it some sort of 3Dness. The second one is a globe/planet attempt. I only used one picture rather than taking a bunch of pictures around me... because I can't figure out how to merge the photos to make one long one :-/ each picture to see a larger version.


First Globe Attempt.

SO I need some more practice but am bored with the photos I have, so if you want me to butcher one of your photos... send it my way. ...


  1. Sweet! I downloaded GIMP too, I wonder what I can do with this... have a good weekend, I sent you a friend request on m/s.

  2. That first photo is very cool!

    I once had a (not so) legal copy of photoshop 7. But my computer crashed and I lost it. I'd love
    CS3 (or whatever the new one is) but I'll only invest in a legal copy now (because of upgrading).

  3. Fun! I have photoshop but I don't play with it nearly enough, your first attempts look great I am sure you will master GIMP soon!

    Have you seen Earl's globe:

    I keep meaning to try this just haven't gotte around to it yet.

  4. yes. earl is my inspiration!