Friday, August 22, 2008

Infomercials, a Love Hate Relationship

Top 5 Infomercial Wants
(at the moment anyway)... in no particular order.

1. ShamWow - I wonder if the Olympic pool people really do use it. Michael Phelps could be the next spokesman...
2. Snatch It - I'm 99.9% sure this does not exist in real life, but if it did... I'd buy it and surly be 100 pounds heavier.
3. Hawaii Chair - I think this is real, only because ellen got one and tried it out on her show. I only want one so I can use it to stand on when I reach for that unreachable item on the top shelf.
4. Pasta N' More - I want this because I hate watching water.... waiting for it to boil. Too hard. And I really long for color coded knives.
5. Push Up Pro - I want this because, well it looks like it makes the push up actually possible and a little less uncomfortable. Though I'm sure its only makes the whole process harder... but I still want it. Kind of reminds me of the Ab Roller.

#1 Top Infomercial Hate
Peticure - I'm beyond sick of the constant airing of this commercial I'm sick of the quick!


  1. For me the ShamWow would be my #1 Infomercial Hate. I see that one every morning as we check the weather channel.

    I love the Show Eureka we are watching the series on DVD right now. Haven't seen the episode with Snatch It yet.

    You got to be kidding me with teh Hawaii Chair, I haven't seen that one before.

    Pasta N' More we have considered buying.

    I actually have the Push Up Pro, just got it a couple weeks ago but haven't started using it yet.

    And I was just online to buy your top hated infomercial yesterday but decided to try and find it at one of those as seen on TV store locations. The one they advertise for 29.95 looks like a cheap battery operated thing. They have a more industrial looking one but it is $49.95

  2. No Friday Flash back this week?

  3. i know, I ran out of time (i had this post stared already)

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