Wednesday, September 24, 2008

(CLOSED) Contest! Win a Birthday present!!

I started this blog because life was getting hectic yet boring. I wanted somewhere where I could note the important, but mostly unimportant things that were happening and would happen. Subconsciously and probably more accurately, I wanted something to fill up the down-time created by avoiding homework and studying. Though I'm out of college, the blog continues!

I was going to do a contest, with an actual physical prize, because I was nearing my 700th post. After further investigation, I realized that blogger was counting all those drafts I had started and not finished. After deleting all of those, I have come to the sad realization that this is only post 667. I thought about not doing a contest, but since I made mention of it and because I had gotten really excited about doing a contest.... I'm doing it anyway! There is no way I can keep this prize until my 700th post. Once I have my mind set, there is no stopping it!

How to enter:
So, the contest is simple. Just create a post on a pre-existing blog mentioning and linking to these two things:

My blog "Erika Jean" -
My "contest" -

...It could be as simple as "Erika Jean is running a contest on her blog... go check it out!"

Then come back here and tell me that you have posted and would like to be considered for the prize! That earns one entry!

I will double check all contest entries!

How to earn extra entries:
If you have more than one blog you may post on each blog and will receive additional contest entries - just be sure to mention that in the comments!

If your post linking to my blog is at least 200 words about my blog you will receive one extra entry. You could write about my blog in general, what you like about my blog, your favorite post, how you found my blog or anything else you can think of pertaining to my blog! If you are new to my blog I suggest checking out the Favorite tab at the top! Again, please note you have done this in the comment that you leave.

How the winner will be decided:
I will compile a list of the contest entrants and then pull the winner out of a hat! I hope to document the event by either photo or video.

So what are you waiting for? Post and enter!!

The last day to enter is Wednesday September 24th.(CLOSED)
The winner will be posted on this blog the following day, September 25th.

$25 Gift card for Best Buy! (yes I know it says happy birthday!! The plain one was ringing up wrong, so this is what you get... but hey, you can win a b-day present even if it isn't your birthday!!) is ineligible! Sorry, I hope you still love me!

originally posted on 9/10/08


  1. As of right now.. you have a 100% chance of wining!! Enter now!

  2. I'm behind on my blog reading!

    I have a post about your blog that is scheduled for release tomorrow.

  3. Hey! I just put a post up on my blog!

  4. Congrats on winning the earrings on my blog contest.
    I blogged and linked about your contest on my blog.

  5. Cool contest, but I don't have a Best Buy anywhere near me...I don't know if they even have them here in Canada. :o(

  6. you can always order online! A cd or something and used the rest for shipping ;-)

  7. I posted about your contest here on my A Little Girl Talk blog. :o)

  8. I saw your contest at tammys, and had to enter! My post about it is up.

  9. Post is up on

  10. Hi... I blogged about your contest. It would be cool to win this because my birthday is this Saturday and the gift card says Happy Birthday. :D

  11. We love hearing about contests! Congrats on your win, those earrings are beautiful!

  12. thats not fair. I WANT TO PLAY. <3 ur sissy!

  13. I'm feeling lucky...and greedy.

    I posted on the following blogs (I think I got over 200 words too, but i'm not sure):

    And I also posted it on plurk, but I dont' know if that counts as an extra point or not. -grin-

  14. I'll play.. but do I have to say thank you? Just kidding, of course I will!

    Isn't today Wednesday the 24th not 25th? :P

  15. oops! doh! I fixed it! thx

  16. I posted a few days ago about it but forgot to actually post and link...whoops, but it's up now!