Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Flashback - TV

To celebrate the start of the fall TV lineup I have decided to highlight TV shows of the past for my flashback! I bolded ones I watched.

Top 20 TV Shows in 1990
1 )Cheers
2 )60 Minutes
3 )Roseanne
4 )A Different World
5 )The Cosby Show
6 )America's Funniest Home Videos
7 )Murphy Brown
8 )Murder She Wrote
9 )Home Improvement
10 )Designing Women
11 )Empty Nest
12 )The Golden Girls
13 )Murder She Wrote
14 )Unsolved Mysteries
15 )Full House
16 )Family Matters
17 )Coach
18 )Matlock
19 )In the Heat of the Night
20 )Major Dad

I was only 6/7 in 1990, so I'm sure i caught these shows in the later years or my parents watched them, but i remember them oh so well!



  1. You bolded the ones you watched? That'd be none then, hahahahaha! But you were young (still are I guess!). :) xxx

  2. they are bold on my screen?

  3. I see several bolded. 1990 wasn't a good year of TV for me. The only one I watched regularly would have been number 1 Cheers.