Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Flashback - Photo Booth

This is me and my little sister, Lisa. I'm not sure where we are - my guess is Iceland's (which is not called that anymore). It was sort of like a family fun center with indoor soccer, ice rinks, games etc. They've added and taken a lot out in years past. We were almost always there for soccer games- ours, our siblings, and our dads. Anyway, this is us - I'm guessing I was in middle school when this was taken...

I stared and stared at this picture trying to figure out the necklaces. Why were we wearing matching necklaces? Then it hit me. The mall. Do you remember when you could get your name written super tiny on a piece of rice and wear it around your neck? Yeah, well - we were cool, so we had the necklaces. We got them at one of those center booths at the mall. Ours said our own names and had clear water in them, not blue - but the little vial thing was the same as the one in the picture below.
Did you ever have one of these? Do you have one?


  1. Great pictures!! I did have one of those neclaces. My brother went to Holland to play baseball and he got me one there.

  2. Clarice got mine for me! I was guessing that photo was from the mall..dunno.

    You've outdone yourself with the photos, lolol.

  3. Great trip back to memory lane. I guess you and your sister are really close.