Monday, October 20, 2008


Growing up in Ohio, I have always associated chapped lips with cold weather. It was 95 here today. My lips are killing me and my hands look like leather. I guess it is a dry heat here in Arizona... ahh.

Bring on the Lotion and chapstick!

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  1. 95! Wow, that's hot for this time of year - mind you, we only get 95 once in a blue moon any time of the year! It's 41 here at the moment, so chilly or what? So slap on the lip balm and chapstick and think of me shivering over here :-) BTW I popped in to see how you got on with the Secret Santa idea. The response wasn't exactly overwhelming was it? What a shame, it was such a good idea I thought. Why don't you try again come November, as it's nearer Christmas. You might do better then - anyway, Ta Ta for now :-)