Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tipsy Tuesday - I Always Thought I Was Fat, Then it Happened!

"Inside the mirror is a false impression, I can feel so swollen when I'm in good shape."

When I was in high school I weighed anywhere between 125 and 140lbs. I'm sure a lot of it had to do with being a teenager, but I felt fat. I was constantly self conscious and worried about what I wore and if my fat "roll" showed. If that was a roll, what I have now must be a tsunami.

I'm not ashamed to call myself fat now, because by all standards - I am. However I am heartbroken that I ever thought I was. I cant believe it. It's amazing how the mind plays tricks on us. It's CRAZY how society tricks us in to thinking negative things about ourselves. It SUCKS. It's not fair. I think I would have been so much happier if I hadn't worried about those things when I was young. Not that I obsessed by any means, I never watched what I ate - soccer kept me in shape. In fact my lunches consisted of fries, nachos, bread sticks or mashed potatoes. How horrible! ...But I was able to maintain my weight because I had two hour long very intense soccer practices after school - and well, the horrible eating habits continued and somewhere along the way, all that eating caught up with me!

This time. When I get skinny, damn it - I am going to act like it, I am going to feel like it and I am going to enjoy it. I CAN'T WAIT!

I have tried many times to get the whole weight loss thing rolling. Those of you who have been longtime readers may remember a new years bet I had with my mom, that lasted for about 2 weeks... I also started a couple blogs to keep track - but never kept up with them.... This time I'm just going to do it here. On this blog. And I'm crossing my fingers hoping I will keep up with it!

I'm going to make goals for myself every week and update Tuesdays. And since I've tipped the scale at 216lbs *Ghasp* ... I will label my posts Tipsy Tuesday (not to be confused with the name give to college students partaking in drinking activities on Tuesdays). I'm not going to start off with the whole hard.core.weight.loss.eat.weird.food thing right away. I'm going to star off slow - in hopes to change habbits

This Weeks Goals
- Drink 80 ounces of water everyday ( I know its more that what is recommended - but I also weigh more than recommended!)
- On the days that I dog sit, ride my bike there (round trip = 1.8 miles)
- Walk or ride my bike every evening (my current walking pattern is 1.8 miles, bike is 3.5 miles)

Feel free to join in on the fun!! I know you want to!!



  1. I'll join you AFTER my vacation about the 24th!

  2. What a great idea Erika! I am in the same boat as you and need to kick my butt into gear. Good luck to you and I can't wait to see your progress!

  3. I can look back at old pictures when I may have weighed HALF of what I do now and remember thinking back then how fat I was. I never ever thought I'd be this fat. Ever.

    I can kind of console myself that I'm now not the fattest I've even been and have in fact lost about 11 pounds over the last few months. Unfortunately my doctor says that's because since I wasn't monitoring my sugar for so long that my body is eating the muscles.

    I AM monitoring my eating and sugar now, by the way.

    I wish you tons and tons of luck with this.