Sunday, November 9, 2008

Freeze Frame

I took a photography class in H.S. and another one in college. I did very well in both and really enjoy taking pictures. Though I honestly can never remember the technical terms, famous people and all that blah... I have recently decided that I would like to upgrade my camera. I'm currently using a point and shoot. It is a nice point and shoot, given to me by my grandpa when he upgraded to bigger and better but I want a camera that I can do a little more with.

So my goal is to upgrade to a digital SLR by the end of May (before my bff's wedding!) I'm looking to spend 500-600 dollars. I think it will be a good starting camera. I'm also toying with the idea of buying a used one for cheaper... anyone selling?

So, I have a few questions... and I know a few of you blogger out there are into photography (please help!)...

What brand should I be looking for? (I've really enjoyed my Olympus point and shoot)

Is there any features that I absolutely must have?

Do you have any other suggestions??


  1. I have Nikon, so I'm biased. I sold my D70 a few months ago after I got my D300. That would have been in your price range. They have quite a few models across a range of prices. The features depend on what type of photos you plan to take.

    There are a lot of good Canon models too -- they are popular. Of course as a Nikon owner I'll deny I ever said that.

  2. I use Nikon equipment as well -- you can usually find great deals on a Nikon D70 or D80 on sites like Craigslist, if you're open to buying used. I'd recommend going to the Nikon website and comparing features on their consumer-grade SLR cameras!

    If you decide not to go with a Nikon camera, then I'd stick with Canon equipment. You can't really go wrong with either brand!

  3. I just bought a Pentax K10d with the kit lens for about $450 on Ebay.

    I am a Pentax girl, for no other reason than that's what I started out with it and always been happy... so why change it?

    I think the Nikon D70 would be a really good choice for you or look into the Pentax K10d.

    When you buy a camera look into how much future lenses will cost you. I am sure you will "out grow" your kit lens pretty fast. The lenses are what cost A LOT of money!