Sunday, November 2, 2008

Maid of Honor Duties

So as you may have read before - I am my friend Tiffany's Maid of Honor. I have little knowledge on the title.... seeing as I've only been to two weddings in my life, and I was too young to remember much of the first one! Lately I have been learning the duties and putting plans into action! Most recently the focus has been on the Bridal Shower. I have been trying to come up with invites and party favors so far... and games and food are in the back of my mind (it isn' until Jan.)

I searched the internet and stores for party favors... but lets face it - I'm too crafty (or think I am) to buy a pre-made cutesie little box. I visited the good ol' Dollar Tree the other day and foud a very cute wedding dress shaped party favor box. at $1 for 10... I couldn't resist. I purchased 3 packs and then went to Michaels in hope to find some materials to fancy them up a bit! I bought three different ribbons and little flower things to embellish the boxes.

Figuring out the costs... I came up with the rough estimate of each box- 43 cents. I did not figure in sales tax... but the fact that I have left over materials probably makes up for that! I think that is pretty good considering the cheapest somewhat cute ones I found on-line were 79 cents (plus shipping!) and they wern't as pretty as mine! Michaels has some premade ones too... but again...not as gorgeous and they had sets of 12 or 24 (I need 27ish and have 30 just in case!)

So I may have saved some money... but would you LOOK at that mess I have to clean up!! Yikes!


  1. Your photo of all them sitting on the floor is very cool, I think you did a WONDERFUL job. Maybe the bride will appreciate your creativity, the cost is irrevelant!

  2. of course the cost is irrelevant! I just want to show others you can DIY and for less :-)

  3. You are the best maid of honor ever!!!!!