Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Personal Trainer (A late Tipsy Tuesday)

Today I signed up with a personal trainer! Hopefully it will help me get into gear. I always tell myself I will go to the gym, but I hardly ever make it. Even if I do, I walk a little and then get bored and go home. I also find the weight machines to be confusing and kind of intimidating so I rarely try them. Even if I do, I don't know what weight to pick or how many reps to do. So yeah, I kind of suck at the gym.

I think if I went to the gym everyday knowing what I had to get done and had someone to check in with every once an an while it would help out. Direction. I think that is what I'm lacking (but hopefully not anymore!)

So I start with her on December 8th. The plan is to meet with her every week at first and then probably every two weeks once I get into the swing of things! I'll keep you posted (probably about how much pain I'm in!)

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