Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tipsy Tuesday

I 100% started back on my diet yesterday.

I'm Tippin' the scales at 219 lbs (on Sunday)


Now when I say diet... I don't mean anything crazy like only eating meat, only drinking orange juice or fasting or any other weird "diet" that is out there. I plan to count calories with the help of CalorieKing.com. I did it a few weeks when I first moved to Tucson and lost the poundage pretty quickly... but somewhere along the way I lost focus.

Based on my weight, age and level of activity Calorie King gives me a projected calorie target for each day (1463). I do a combo of planning what foods I'm going to eat for the day, logging as I go and logging at the end of the day to keep track. If I exercise and burn calories... I have to make those calories back up by eating something. So the - and + calories still need to balance themselves out to 1463. I guess that kind of encourages me to work out more!!

CK also provides many different charts. My favorite is the one that shows the percentage of fats, carbs, protein and fiber for the day... at least I think those are the categories - it has been so long! Anyway, there is a certain range you are supposed to be in for all of those and it keeps track and shows you... usually I get 1/2 way through the day and notice I need to eat less carbs and more protein!!

So I'm excited to fully start again... it has been kind of hard to motivate my mother and her husband though! I'm hoping that they will stick with me on it... it is SO much easier to do it when everyone does it - a lot less temptations around the house and more pressure to be "good."

Well. I have a feeling it is going to be harder than before. I really Really Reaaaaallly want to stick with it. I'm in a wedding in June and I need to look less like a house and more like a person! And I'm paying for a gym membership I haven't been using!!!!!! ugh!

Wish me luck. I need it.


  1. Good luck! I am also on a new "get healthy" kick. I am trying to not say the "diet" word, so maybe I'll trick myself into thinking this is a fun thing. LOL I'm at 232 on the scale, so I can feel your pain. There's a slender, buff woman under here ... I'll find her yet.

    Here's to our future new looks! ;)


  2. If only it was as easy to stay on a diet as it is to fall off one. Don't kick yourself.. just keep trying. That's advice I should give myself. I say that while eating my THIRD piece of cornbread smothered in butter..