Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Waiting on Things...

I'm waiting on my Capture Cincinnati book. I want it NOW! I don't think I'm in it but have run across a few blogger that are and I would like to check it out! The receipt said it'd ship n the 20th, and the website says the 24th, so who knows when it will get here! see some of my pictures here)

I also need my Birth certificate to come in the mail its been forever.... So to that city in Ohio... Could ya hurry up a little bit? I need to get my passport!!

Waiting for my sister to upload at least ONE picture from her trip (Australia)! At lease she called me today. She went surfing today and has been hang-gliding. and something whit a dolphin and seal (swam kissed? IDK) So not fair!

I wish things would happen a little faster! Ughhh.

Off to babysit for the evening.... Toodles.

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