Saturday, November 22, 2008

Yahoo Answers

How do you waste time? Facebook? Myspace? Stumble? Something else? Or are you just a special person with no time to waste?

... I've been having fun on Yahoo Answers. People ask stupid questions so I give them stupid answers... sometimes they aren't too stupid and I give them a reasonable answer...

You get points for answering questions and more points if your answer was picked as the best answer. You get negative points for asking a question, but it becomes positive if you select a best answer.

I'm very tempted to think of a really dumb question to ask just for fun.... any ideas?


  1. I went though an Answers phase, bug got over it. Currently my biggest time wasters are neopets and pogo.

  2. I went through one of those phases too... but it does get old.

    You should ask how to post a question on Yahoo Answers.