Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Green" Wrapping Paper - DIY

I'm too lazy to go buy wrapping paper (have you SEEN Walmart this time of year?). So I decided hell, I'm just going to wrap crap in newspaper. I could probably get away with it too, the economy is in the crapper right? People should be happy they are getting a gift at all.

Then I thought about it a little more and people might get the impression that I don't give a hoot about them when I hand over a gift wrapped in newspaper. Newspaper that they knew I would have just thrown out anyway. How thoughtful of me.

But what if I give the newspaper a face lift? I figure if I dress it up a little it will be acceptable. After all, isn't being "green" in these days? It's not like I got their gift from Goodwill. I mean, it is PAPER. Paper that is going to get ripped off and tossed aside.

So I put my plan in action....

You Will Need
*Newspaper (I like to use the black and white pages only so my color pops!)
*Bowls (for paint)
*Paint Brushes
*A Sponge (one with no scrubbing side)
"Green" Wrapping Paper
Note: some of these things are optional and just about anything can be added. I was thinking glued on buttons of different colors would look neat. But the key is to use what you have around the house, spend no money and recycle/reuse!

*Unfold the newspaper and put it on a flat surface with something underneath. Newspaper is very thin and colors may bleed through!
*Use your tools and decorate away. I cut Christmas tree shapes out of a cheap sponge, BUT you could use a potato or stamps you have laying around!
*Let your creation dry!
"Green" Wrapping Paper

*Then Wrap your gifts!
"Green" Wrapping Paper

Now. I would just like to clarify something. In the beginning of this post I said I was too lazy to go buy wrapping paper.... and yes, this project doesn't seem like something a lazy person would do... but I would have to say that it was much more enjoyable and less stressful than battling a Walmart store!

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  1. ...AND have a spiffy camera to shoot a tutorial with!

    How did those lovely packages come out of that cascade of supplies on the floor!


  2. You are SO clever!!!!

    I wanted to let you know the note cards arrived. :)

  3. Looks great! A way to go-recycling and reusing!

    I've done this in the past too...It is also fun to manipulate the newspaper to make bows and ribbons...