Saturday, December 27, 2008

Photo Edits

I've been trying to learn the ins and outs of a free photo editing program (GIMP) the past month or so. I already knew how to do a few things, but I knew there was more out there to be discovered!

Thanks to Youtube tutorials & other random stuff I've been finding on-line.. I now know a bit about brushes and textures. I even figured out how to make blinking images! I figured that one out on my own...

My only problem is I'm running out of pictures to edit. I'm sick of looking at myself and stealing Facebook pictures from my family and friends o practice on!

So if you have a picture that needs the Erika Jean touch.... let me know!


  1. See? There IS a texture I like!

    Talk to me about blog templates pulease!

  2. I always enjoy your photo edits! They are always quite imaginative.

  3. This is an incredibly cool effect. NIcely done.