Monday, July 28, 2008

A Good Old Internet Challenge...

Do you know how many are in here? Click on the picture to follow to check out the blog, see what you can win.... and make a guess :-)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dress Up Time!

This just in… The Holiday Season is approaching!

…And by Holiday, I mean Halloween - the only one worth celebrating!

If you’re a Halloween enthusiast like myself you have already started brainstorming costume ideas. As I get older, my mom gets less and less thrilled about the idea of making her grown daughter a costume. So this year I’m going to spare the old lady (hehe) and buy my costume online.

I have looked at many different websites, but buy far is the best. With Adult and child costumes in every costume category possible, they have the MOST selection. Prices are reasonable and quality is excellent.

Even if you’re not looking for a full costume and just need some pieces, decorations, accessories or makeup... is a great resource for all your Halloween costume needs. For example, if you are going for the Pam Anderson, Dolly Parton, Jessica Simpson look… This would be just the thing needed for your look.

So, for Halloween Costumes, InCostumes is the place to go!

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sheryl Crow Just Got Hotter -On Vacation....

Internet vacation (Vacation from it) 'til Monday!
Until then.... I leave you with this gem...

... I have no idea...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Moonsoon in Tucson. The video does not do it justice! No sound on the digital camera :-(

Song: Big Casino, by Jimmy Eat World

Doodle Body

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Doodle Pet

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Doodle Evil

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I Don't Do Acid - I Just get Bored.

Bored at Work
This picture is a result of several slow days while working at the golf course earlier in the year... I would stick it up on a storage cabinet and when ever I got bored I'd pull it down and add some. (which I also did on this doodle) The two stick figures are my bosses (were). The one guy is saying "Did you see my new bag?" because when he first got it he asked everyone who walked in. The rest is just lines and squiggles that blossomed from my boredom. Much like they did in this class doodle.

Friday Flashback - 1990's Fashion

Cheesy paint background, one piece dress/skort with Saved By The Bell like pattern, wind pants, flannel shirt, black jeans....

Can you do any worse? Show your Friday Flashback fashion from the 90's!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Buy Your Own Nemo and More!

I've always wondered how and where all those beautiful fish in home and office aquariums came from.

I'm pretty sure that my doctor didn't dive for them himself! You don't know where they get them from either? Well I've found the answer and it is only a click away!

Reef Hot Spot is the source of these beautiful aquarium saltwater fish! It's not only fish they offer... There is also an assortment of live coral and invertebrates. Various sizes of aquariums (cubes) and other hardware for your tank are available as well!

Visit the site! Whether you are just starting or adding to your aquarium, there are many great choices. Don't have an aquarium? That's okay! Buy a gift certificate for your boss, family member or friend! It is the perfect unique and thoughtful gift. Gift certificates come in 25, 50 and 100 dollar increments. Even better, you can get your purchases the next day via FedEx Priority Overnight. Fish in a box - the next day. Truly amazing!

And guess what? Nemo (Tank Raised Ocellaris Clown) Is only $11.99 right now. You can also pick up some Nemo pals while you're there. You better go to the Saltwater Fish Store now and place your order!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Part II

Another video of my 365 photo project.... Basically it is a photo project that takes a year! One picture everyday for three hundred and sixty-five days! Because there are so many I've started to put them into slid shows!

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I Don't Eat Paper.

This is not a secret of mine, but I LOVE the randomness of people's secrets on Post Secrets. Have you checked it out yet? It is updated every Sunday.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


So before I quit my job as security guard at the hotel, I had a nannying job set up. I had to quit though(hadn't officially started) for my security gig. I was really bummed about having to quit babysitting, but as soon as I quit the security job I was kicking myself. Dumb dumb dumb. (have I confused you yet with all my quitting?)

Anyway, the day I quit the security job I sent an e-mail to the lady who needed a babysitter... Here is how I worded it (names have been changed)...


The job I got was not what it seemed, I will not be returning tonight! I am still interested in babysitting for you if you will have me back. I really got along and felt comfortable with you, Adam and Allison. Babysitting is just one of those things I love to do and comes naturally - I was stupid to have passed up the opportunity. I understand if you do not want to have me back considering the circumstances. I will be willing to sign an agreement that I will not leave for another job without more notice, unless it happens to be the Border Patrol or Immigrations Services officer in the next year(we can work out the details). Please let me know. I'm sorry for all the distress I may have caused.


..and yey! She wanted me back. So I have been babysitting all this week. Its been rough waking up at 4:30/5/6am. Tonight I'm spending the night. The mother is in the medical field and the father is in the law enforcement field... so the hours are crazy. I cant wait for next week! She doesn't need me because she has family in town. It will be my last break for a loooong time!

Do You Like Money? I Do.

PayPerPost. It's something I've always known about but never looked into. I'm glad finally I did.

To some of you this is a dreaded concept. To me it is a GREAT way to make some extra cash. Not to mention... I'm actually kind of excited about doing it! I get writers block quite often, so this is just the cure! I get to browse through opportunities that are available to me and so far, it seems like there is a lot of interesting things to blog about. I then do a quick little write up, share with you... then the money just starts rolling in!

PPP also features blogs on the homepage, through that feature I've found a couple good blogs. They aren't all ads like I had suspected. They actually have content, which is a requirement of PPP. I've found some blogs that I enjoyed and I will be going back to them!

I don't know how much money I will actually make, but I hope to save enough to get me back to Cincinnati to visit! I encourage you to check it out. I'm sure there is something you have been saving up for! Once I get my ticket home, I'm going to start saving for a good camera! It is really easy to sign up and the customer service is very helpful if you have any problems!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Flashback - Batter Up

In HS I joined the Softball team. Prior to HS, my softball experience was one season in the 3rd grade, and it was most definitely slow pitch. My older sister was AWESOME at fast pitch softball, my best friend was going to try out, so I thought... why the hell not? So I gave it a go. Only having a JV and Varsity Team, I made the JV team and was bought up every now and then to run bases on varsity (back in the day, I was in shape!).

We had a batting cage in our back yard, I told you my sister was awesome right? Well she also always got what she wanted ;-) Freshman and Sophomore year the softball coach came over and trained me and my friend Stephanie. Since I had never really played I had no habits, and because she was willing, and we both had speed... we became left handed lead off batters. we learned all different kinds of bunts and slaps and got pretty good at it. One of use were usually lead off hitter, with the hopes of getting on base. It worked too! Lol.

Sophomore year we both played Varsity as well as Junior year.... Jr. year though we started to get fed up with the couch we once loved. I think he had a lot of health issues and basically turned into a grumpy old man. What a shame. We both didn't play Senior year.

But anyway, I dug up some stats and even a picture of me bunting!

Click on the pictures to see better!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Friday Flashback - Happy 4th!

I have many memories of 4th of July in my hometown of Loveland, Ohio. I was digging through some of my mom's old photos and came across some pictures of us on the 4th many years ago. Fireworks were always over the Little Miami River, and everyone gathered at the park by the hill. We'd stake out a place early in the day with a blanket and usually had one person there taking turns, holding claim to our temporary home base. Back in the day Loveland used to have a big festival with rides, food and music. They still have the parade, but after some people in the neighborhood complained, they don't do the big festival anymore. It really is a shame. It's one of those things that made Loveland, well... Loveland.

Lawn chair and people-lined streets were always present in anticipation of the parade, and most importantly candy. I remember yelling at friends and sisters to throw me goodies as they drove by in decked out parade vehicles. You couldn't go three minutes with out seeing someone you knew the whole day, not including your own family.

When alotted ticket money for rides and games ran out it was easy to find something to occupy ourselves with while we waited on darkeness. I remember walking down the concrete path to the river tossing pop-rocks at the ground. When we'd make it to the sand it was shoes off, shell searching and rock skipping contest time. No matter how careful we were, it was impossible to avoid the sand-in-the-shoes afterwards.

They Fireworks were always great, seeing the area firework manufacturer, Rozzi's Fireworks, was located in our town. After the long day and great show, it was desirable to get home and head to bed. However, traffic always was terrible leaving considering the whole town was in attendance.

This picture is of more than just my immediate family. This particular year it was our turn for the family reunion!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Red Neck Child Care - No joke.

Every now and then I visit Craigslist to find open babysitting jobs in the Childcare section. It is after all where I have gotten two of my babysitting jobs. But you kind of have to watch out for indicators of people you don't want to work for/with. Often when I see bad grammar (yes I know I'm guilty of it myself) or very little detail, I move on to the next post. But when I saw "RED NECK sitter off ElTiro and Springfield rd (Marana)" I couldn't not click!

Here is the post...

Yes I have guns,(THEY ARE ALLWAYS LOCKED UP)Yes I go Hunting, But if you do not wont your child becoming a hunter I will not tell him of this.They do learn guns are not toys and should NOT be touched unless an adult is helping you.Yes I have 2/ 90 lb dogs,(THEY STAY LOCKED AWAY FROM THE CHILDREAN DO TO THEY DONT KNOW THERE SIZE, THEY'D NOT HURT A CHILD.)I have a ton of knickknacks, do I put them away (NO I TEACH THE CHILD DONT TUCH AS ANY PARENT WOULD.) I love children so I baby sit .I do it for spending money not to pay bills as many sitters have to do. I own 4 homes I don't do it for the money. I know how hard it is to raise a family and pay a sitter. So I keep my prices LOW. I take the children swimming and shopping and to movies and even kids museums. We learn A.B.C es and 1.2.3 es and colors and numbers and shapes. We even learn parents name and number. We have fun most of all.We watch TV cartoons and channel 6 (learning channel ) BUT it's not ALL day.We have a sand box and toys to play outside on or in. And a swing for small ones. We listen to music and dance to. So now that you know a little about me come see if your child would like to stay at a warm caring and safe home.With fun things planed to do.
Newborns to one year $65 per wk you provide milk,diapers and food they might be eating. One year to two years old $85 you provide Juice, food you wont them to eat. Two years and up $100 a wk you provide lunch/Juice. Drop in's or over nights are welcome 6 pm to 8 am $25.00 Thank you for considering a red neck sitter and I hope to hear from you soon
Tammy 682-**** or 256-****

Ohhhh the comments I could make...
Sounds like somebody needs to pay attention to the learning channel when it is on!

Seriously, someone call this lady(or man?) and see if she is for real! I would do it and YouTube it, but my speaker phone is busted (and I don't have the guts!!! I googled her number for Tucson, apparently she sells dogs*es as well ;-)

I flagged this post for Best of Craigslist

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I Quit!

131/365, originally uploaded by airrikajswan.

I went to work last night. Thats right, the first day of my new job (fancy hotel security). It ended as quickly as it started. As you can see by the picture, I will not be returning this evening.

Why you ask?

Well I'll tell you...

First the uniform sucks ASS. The top is a tan short sleeve button up blouse that is hot as hell. So ugly. It just didn't fit well - so it looked bad too. And the pants.. oh the pants...The pants were terrible, I took the last one of the size I needed - only to find out the top button was missing... and when I came home I realized I had a huge hole in the crotch. It was probably there when i first tried on the pants and I didn't even know it. How embarrassing. O well, I'm sure everyone loved my purple undies.

Second I was bored to tears. The shift is at night and all you do is walk around with a little wand you swipe at certain checkpoints. whoopdefreakindo. Now, I knew it would be boring.... but my god, I didn't even see a guest the whole night.

Third, I think I walked 6miles. No that's not a bad thing (yey exercise), but I got turned around 600 times, my feet hurt and the little blisters on my little toes are about ready to burst! Not to mention you have to walk that 6 miles in pants and suit jacket. This is Arizona people, let me remind you. (yes the job requires going outside at times.)

Fourth. I just hate it and can't think of an appropriate reason. I don't want to suck it up for the money because I HATE not being happy! I think I'm much better at customer service oriented jobs. You know, jobs where I actually get to interact with real live people - and not just the smoke hoebag training me. Who smoked every single second we walked outside.

I'm back to babysitting for a living until a "real" job finds me/I find it.

Sheesh, I am a fucking college graduate! UGH.