Saturday, January 3, 2009

And I'm Off.....

I am headed to the mid-west! You may not care to read this. It is utterly boring and you probably don't know half the people anyway!

It has been in the 70's the last three days... Who, in their right mind would want to leave Arizona weather for weather in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana? Me that's who!

Why? Because I desperately miss my friends and family!! I decided to go after the holidays because it's a bit cheaper in regards to airfare.

So I leave for Phoenix at 3am!! Good god. At least I'm not driving... THANKS MOM! I'm due to arrive in Dayton early afternoon, where my friend Steph will pick me up... THANKS STEPH! We will then probably hang out for a bit and then meet my lil' sis and friend Tiffany out for dinner!

The next day(Monday) I'm off to Michigan to see my grandparents with my dad. We may go see a Redwings game while in town... not sure yet. We will be coming back to Cincinnati late Wed and then I have a few days to chill - but not really (lots of geocaching, baking and partying planned). Then Tiffany's Bridal Shower Saturday! I'm excited about that! Then off to Indy With Steph to see Jess for the night. Back to Cincinnati Sunday then maybe Ashland to see Molly on Monday or Tuesday... then home Wed.

MY GOD. I should have planned to stay a full two weeks........but I'm sure I'll be exhausted and ready to come home! Blogging will be at a minimum do to lack of internet! But I will bring my computer with me so who knows!

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