Monday, February 9, 2009


I went to retrieve my "Needle in a Haystack" cache so that I could place it in a new location. I needed to move it because someone told me there was going to be construction...

I was so sad when I saw my cache:

Either someone cut at it or something chewed on it (more likely), though I didn't see many scratch/chew marks and it was perfectly in place.... the needles pull out fairly easy, but as you can see some have been sliced off at their stems. :-(

So it looks like I will not be replacing this cache. Too bad to.... 'cause it was AWESOME (and only 8 people found it).

Click HERE if you want to see the cache in its prime and original location.


Geocaching Race With Little Sister
Erika-67, Lisa-63

Some pictures from today:

What is Geocaching? Answer Here.


  1. Such a shame about the cache. It looked like a wild one.

    As for the ones you found today, I really like the one with the ammo can in the rocks. That's neat.

    (I'm adding you to my blogroll, too! really enjoy the blog!)

  2. Okay, it sucks that something ate your geocaching cactus, but its funny at the same time.

    I think I fixed the commenting problem you had earlier.

  3. Packrats will do that to ANY plastic item in their territory.

  4. Love the blue ape!

    Bummer about your cache. :(