Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Flashback - Don't Drop me Great Gramps!

I love this picture because there is very old and seemingly frail man holding a little baby. He's playing with this baby, tickling her tiny feet. Just loving his new great grandchild.

...The baby on the other hand...

Seems to be scared out of her fucking mind as she eyes the ground below. She is frantically calculating if she could survive the fall. This wrinkly white haired man holding her would have no chance of recovery. She fears her life as she sits nestled in the old mans arms.

...Fast forward a little bit...

The little girl, happy to have survived the first scare, suddenly becomes alarmed as the old man holding her starts making a horrible sound. Frightened, she quietly scoots off his lap, trying not to disturb the beast. For it would certainly end tragically.

...Fast forward even more...
The little girl, who can really rock a pair of Nike shoes, grows more confident in her great grandfathers grip. Her Great Grandpa never seemed to age as she grew up, I guess he always just looked "old" to her. She loved the large sheep dog stuffed animal he gave her... and loves the poem even more, now that she can read.

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Though her great grandpa is no longer with her, he lived nearly a century and she cherishes the time she had with him. Even if that time was spent fearing for her life (I am totally kidding). She will never forget the two story doll house he built for her. The floors were not tall enough for her barbies but she loved the hinged roof, tiled kitchen, carpeted rooms, fake toilet in the bathroom, wall papered walls and full staircase. It didn't fit her toys but she managed to play with it all the time. It was absolutely perfect.

Miss you Great Grandpa!!

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  1. Totally cool and heartfelt post. :)

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