Thursday, February 26, 2009

Google: A Geocachers Best Friend

When I geocache, all I have is my super simple GPS. Sometimes I like to do more than one and it involves driving and a lot of remembering... but Google is there to save the day! I simply plug in the coordinates and put the GC#, size and any other hints in (parentheses ?) and head out! It is helpful for me to have those bits of information and a road map in hand.

I can input information into my GPS but with the actual unit it is a lengthy process. I can also hook the GPS to the computer and enter the info there... but I am running a Mac. There is some geocaching software out there for Macs - but I'm not going to pretend I understand them.

So Google it is!

Here is a little example I made for my sister in Florida. She is new to geocaching. You can click on the map and have a look around!
The bonus to google is Terrain view, Satellite view.
... and STREETVIEW! While it might not be up-to-date... you can look around if the cache is close to the street and guess where it might be ;-) you can also select non-toll roads as well as walking directions!

PS. That is not where my sister lives ;-)


  1. Google Earth can come in handy too! The latest version supports .gpx files (pocket queries).

    There's even an app out there to put the cache listings (description and hints) onto an Ipod in the notes thingy. If you go to in the directory section, there's all sorts of neat software thingies.

    It's a shame that and Garmin won't handshake with Macs. I think that's a big mistake on their part. Wonder if they're getting their palms greased by Bill Gates?

  2. You'll have to make a plan for the invasion in March, lol. We HAVE to hook S big time!!

  3. I use Geocache Navigator on my Sprint 8830 Blackberry. It is awesome. You can find caches while driving down the road. Gives you maps including, street, topo, and aerial. It has a radar for when close to the cache that will help zero you in on the hide. The app also works with to log your finds while in the field. Very cool program. I highly recommend!

  4. I got to get started with this. I get excited about trying whenever I read anything about Geocache on your blog.

  5. Oh c'mon.. where's your sister live? :P

    Glad to see your template is feeling better today!

  6. My GPS is even simpler than yours. I don't have the plug-into-the-computer option. I have to manually enter everything. So I jot notes and clues etc. Very time consuming but I don't care. I haven't felt the need to upgrade yet.