Saturday, February 21, 2009

It Rhymes With --> LLAMA

I thought about not posting this.. but since I'm pretty sure this dude won't be back to my blog (which I'm OKAY with) I decided to post it.

I really want to know your opinion on the matter. Am I in the wrong? I would like to open the topic for discussion!

The following was in my inbox:

Hello. I am the CO (Cache Owner) of XXXXxxXXXX, which you recently found. I noticed on your profile that you have a link to another website on which you show pictures of caches and give detailed directions to where the cache is located. This is not cool, and is really going against the spirit and protocol of caching. It is one thing for someone who may have searched several times and can't find the cache to contact the CO for hints, but it is quite another for someone else to publish the information such as you have done. I know you are fairly new to caching, but wanted you to know.

Given that one of the caches that you had detailed is mine, XXXXXxxxXXXX, please remove the picture of cache and the instructions of it's location. Thanks.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.


So I wrote back...

Sorry that you are bummed out by personal blog. But in all fairness I posted a warning that there may be spoilers:

"You can check out my blog here: but I must first warn you of spoilers. I post a lot of stuff there... including caches I find and caches I hide. I flat out show pictures of the caches and what not.... so visitor beware!"

I even avoided making it a click-able link.

I did not post your cache XXXxxXXX on my blog!!!! I posted a picture of a micro container that looks similar (I've found MANY of these). I blog about my life and as of right now, caching is it. I have found many other blogs that do this - and they go a step further by naming the cache and giving the GC# - which I don't do... unless I own the cache. I'm sorry that you feel this way, I will take it down if I receive more complaints.

The purpose of me posting is not to tell people where the caches are. I am simply sharing my hobby with the world. Given the information on my blog you still couldn't find these caches with out being on and loading the coordinates into a GPS.



So I've been thinking about it more... I don't think he should have sent me that e-mail! I mean I have see some logs that people write decrypted that flat out tell you WHERE it is. Also, how is it any different than people posting pictures in a log of them standing at the location holding up the cache? I try to avoid that on too!


I'm not trying to be mean or nasty by posting this. I really just want some opinions on the matter.... I will stop blogging about geocaching if it bothers everyone. You can see all of my geocaching posts HERE

UPDATE: Grumpy Cacher had the WRONG blog. Seriously if you want to send an e-mail like that... checking FACTS might be a good thing to do! DUH!
...but I still want your opinion on the matter ;-)


  1. We geocache, and also blog about it. It is our only blog, we believe personal stuff is tough on family, so we don't put it on our blog. We post pictures in GC posts and on our blog at times.

    First and foremost, Geocaching is a GAME. For those who take it so seriously, we are sorry. In the end, everyone plays games their own way. That is why they are games.

    It is a shame that such CO's take it so seriously. We get bummed when we put so much time and energy into placing a cache and it comes up missing. If the cache is found that is the point of placing it, to be found.

    In the end it is for others enjoyment, however that is the players decision. They choose to visit, they choose to log, they choose to risk life and limb and spend hard earned money to visit our caches. They can do as they please in any log or blog. We are just glad and honored they spent the time and effort to hunt our hide. We are at 2 to 1 on people finding our hides, to hides we have found. WE LIKE THAT.

    Blow off the Drama Llama and play your way.

    Mark & Johnny

  2. As you know, I do not GC and don;t know much about it, but I think you are right...that dude is a drama llama! You keep having fun and keep sharing it with your readers! (I enjoy it!)

  3. I've heard many people say, and I agree, that you play this game your own way. I get a kick out of people that complain about "cheaters." As far as I'm concerned, there is no cheating, as long as your actions are not adversely affecting other players.

    Phone a friend? No problem; you're the one that knows whether or not you made a tough find with no help or not.

    Now, spoilers on the cache listing page is another story, but the CO has the ability to delete those logs. Your personal blog? Your territory, and your rules.

    I would remind other players that there really are no rules to this game, only guidelines. The only rules that exist are for the website, not the game. I think posting pics of creative hides is perfectly ok, since you do indeed offer the warning about spoilers.

    Just my humble opinion.

  4. Glad to see people leaving their opinion!

    He had a choice whether or not to paste your blog address and follow the link to read what you'd written. He's taking it out on you for HIS bad choice.

    Go home troll.

    Your blog is your blog. Keep up the posts, I love them. Sure, I visit the same GCs as you, I still have to put in the coordinates correctly and find the darned thing! 8^)

  5. I definitely wouldn't worry about this. People can get all fired up. I blog about caches I hit, too. Usually don't give away the cache name or location, just out of respect for the hide. But I post photos, thoughts, stories about it and all. Never had problems. In fact, have received e-mails from people who have thanked me and said it was cool to see their caches on my blog.

    What kind of a cache was this that he thought was his? An easy one somewhere? If so, deal with it, I say. It's one thing if you are detailing how to find a 5/5. It's another thing to if it's a guardrail cache.

    Don't fret. I probably wouldn't have even given him a response that you did, so kudos there. If I did reply, it would have been much more brief! Either way, enjoy the game how you do it and keep blogging. People obviously enjoy coming here.

    Final thought, too. I live in the Northeast. I enjoy reading about people's caching adventures in other areas. Odds are I'll never find the caches you blog about, so it's nice to see them.

  6. I always worried if I was doing something wrong by posting pictures of certain containers or writing about specific finds because until I found your blog, I had not come across anyone besides myself who does that. I don't think it matters especially when a spoiler warning is posted. We're not giving detailed instructions or GC#'s so the location could be anybody's guess. I'm going to keep on blogging about caching.

  7. I totally agree with you on this.

    This is your blog and what you post on your blog is totally your decision.

    If someone doesn't like what they are reading then click away. It is that simple!

  8. I think you are totally wrong for being mean to this guy, its not his fault he went to your profile, then to your blog, and then to the geocaching page.

    I think you should calm down and try to become friends with this guy and maybe one day you guys can go geocaching together and laugh about your silly argument.

    May Peace be upon you and your blog, lets all try to make the world a better place by loving each other.

    Not really- sista- you should find all his caches and chuck them a million coords off. muhahaha

  9. Keep on blogging! I love reading your adventures and seeing your finds.

  10. I'm a fellow geocacher and I dislike it when people post pictures of actual cache containers. Admittedly, this usually happen via cache logs, not on a separate blog. I agree that a blog makes it less visible (and yes, I know it's your blog and you can post what you want), but... as a cache owner yourself, surely you know the amount of creativity, time, and effort people put into their caches? I have to admit I would be, well, sad if someone posted pics of my caches. :-(

    I know, I know.. it's a game.. but for me, when someone exposes the "trick" of a cache, they take away some of the fun of finding AND of owning that cache. And even though you don't post the GC#, I could tell from several of your pics which cache it was just cause I've been there...

    Happy caching.

  11. well if you KNOW this is a blog with TUCSON caches and you don't want to be spoiled - It is fairly simple. DONT READ IT.

    I do this blog for Myself.

  12. well if you KNOW this is a blog with TUCSON caches and you don't want to be spoiled - It is fairly simple. DONT READ IT.

    I do this blog for Myself.

  13. I was just trying to offer a different viewpoint (since you specifically asked for opinions). My apologies if I offended in some way.

    To clarify: my comments have to do with being a cache OWNER, not a cache finder. I don't feel spoiled by your page, but I would be bummed to have my cache "spoiled" anywhere on the web.

  14. Jessica-
    you are fine and I appreciate your view point I was kind of going with a comment on another post.