Saturday, February 14, 2009

No One Guessed.

Well......Oh don't you worry that is a fake pile of poo. It is a geocache! There is a little container glued to the bottom. Oh, and this is HOMEMADE fake poo. Now, before you get your panties in a bunch, I didn't make it the old fashioned way - it's clay!

...On a much more pleasant note. I saw this guy while out caching today... He let me get about 10-15 ft away from him. Thank goodness too, becuase I don't have a high-powered zoom ;-)

Great Egret ''Casmerodius albus''

What is Geocaching? Answer Here.


  1. Nice work with the clay!

    And there is a brief mention of an egret in my forthcoming novel.

  2. I wanted to place one of these poop caches in my front yard so that I could watch people hunt for it but unfortunately it would have been within .10 of a mile from another cache which I can see from another window in my house. Would have been fun, though. Evil hides bwaaahaha... You are talented making your own out of clay. Sorry about your cactus cache's short life. I know you will come up with other ideas :)

  3. you are sooo funny about the fake poo