Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Subscribe? What does that mean?
Well, basically it is like having a subscription to a magazine. Most people who subscribe to a blog are avid bloggers that read multiple blogs a day.

Why do it?
It saves you from visiting all the blogs you read every day to see if they have new content. When you subscribe you use a reader - you visit the reader and it tells you what blogs have recently updated. And even then, you don't have to visit the blogs... you can read all the new posts right then and there. After you read them... they disappear until there is more content!

Okay where do I get a reader?
Since I honestly don't know much about what is out there... I highly recommend what I use ;-) I use Google Reader. You have to have an account... but I'm sure it will come in handy. Google has a lot of cool services out there... my favorite being g-mail. Anyway, it's quick and easy to sign up and the reader is very simple and easy to use.

Okay, I have a reader. How do I subscribe??
If you are using the Google Reader ... Click this ---> Add to Google Reader or Homepage
If you are using a different reader ... click this ---> Subscribe in a reader

Well I'm not an avid blogger, I only read a few blogs... now what?
In that case I have the perfect thing for you. You can subscribe to my blog by e-mail! All you have to do is click the picture below, enter your e-mail address, then click the confirm link in the e-mail you get.

Okay. Done. Now what does that do?
You will receive and e-mail everyday I have posted new content. So there is no need to come by and wait for the page to load to see if I've posted anything new! You e-mail is not shared with me... so sign up now!

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  1. I love the look of your blog now-a-days and all the info about geo-caching