Wednesday, March 25, 2009

3 FTF + 1 Co-FTF

I got home from babysitting around 11am today and saw that some new caches were published around 7:45am. Though no one had logged the caches, I was certain someone had found them anyway. My foot was feeling better so I decided to go find them, with no hopes of FTF. I was pleasantly surprised when I reached the first cache and there were NO signatures on the log! It was my 1st FTF (first to find). I went to the next one, and found the SAME thing. 2 FTF's on the same day right in a row. Too good to be true I thought. I came home and excitedly signed the logs online.

I spoke to an old friend for a bit after that. At some point in our conversation Macaroni Grill came up. After I finished my call, I knew what was for lunch. They have the BEST bread, I ate one on the on the way home and the other when I got home.

Just as I was about to dig into my spaghetti, I saw that 3 more caches were published. Knowing I didn't have enough time to get two of the three, I stuck my food in the fridge and ran out to get the one super close to my house. Another FTF for me! What an amazing day.

I came home, logged, got ready for work and then left.

When I came home I noticed that the two other ones still hadn't been logged. I decided to risk it and go out and try for two more FTFs. From a distance I saw some one walk into the bushes about where the cache was. When I got closer another one walked that way - I was close enough to say something. I asked if they found it. They did not... we looked... and I spotted it! So we went in for a Co-FTF. I don't exactly know those "rules", but I'm not going to hog all the fun!

This was the first time I ran into fellow cachers while hunting! They were super nice and we chit-chatted a lot. They both hadn't found a cache I had placed not to far away - so I got to watch them look for it. I didn't say anything, but It was an easy find for them ;-) While we walked an talked I found out one of them had found the next one I was going to look for. I'm bummed I didn't get the FTF on it, but again glad I didn't hog all the fun! I went and found it with the other cacher that hadn't found it either.

The sun was setting, but since all the ones I found were micros, I was not able to get rid of my TC. I rushed to another cache I hadn't found and picked up to TB's and dropped my TC.

Now I'm going to go eat my lunch for dinner!

Sorry about the crappy cellphone pic.... but what a day!


  1. What a great day! Congratulations kiddo. BTW, I see you're on FB. I searched but was unable to locate you. look me up under Bob Tenbusch.

  2. Wow, you rock at this! I had the opportunity to get FTF once but I couldn't find the darn thing mostly because it was right at a 4-way stop in the middle of town with tons of traffic! I felt so conspicuous that. I was so bummed. I went back, though, and got FTF (fourth to find - heehee). That's the best I've ever done.

  3. Nice job. Always cool to get a fresh log. We got one at midnight the other day, which is kind of fun sometimes, too.

    I have a guaranteed one Saturday with my golden ammo can being placed. :)

  4. Very cool to run into other cachers! I thought I had run into one in Loveland, but he ended up being a guy looking for a good place to fish which just happened to be a few feet away from the cache.

  5. YAY!! FTF's are so amazing. but the most i ever got in one day was 2 (but it was also my wedding anniversary so that made it even cooler). 4 must've been SWEET!